Do you know how to make a website and the best platforms for creating your website?

If yes congratulations, If no, don’t worry in this blog we will discuss in detail how to create a website on your own

Creating a website is a lot like creating a blog – you have to think about what you want your website to look like, what content you want to include, and how you want people to interact with it. Once you’ve got that all figured out, it’s time to start creating your website there are a number of different ways to create a website, and it can be a great way to share your ideas and passions with the world.


Do you know how to create your own website? If you’re asking this question, you are definitely not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have the same question. Fortunately, there is no reason to be intimidated to create a website because it’s super simple and anyone can do it…logically, of course. Creating a website has never been easier. There are many websites providing you with everything from a domain name to web hosting. But how are you supposed to choose the best one for your needs? This article will show you how to make a website, step by step! How to choose the right domain name, Web hosting services Keeping your site safe Blogging platforms, and Making money after creating a website through blogging.

How to make a Website
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2. How to make a website

Creating a website is easy and simple because there are so many platforms out there and the fact is you can do it on your own without any coding knowledge out there. We will see the steps on how to make a website.

 2.1 Choosing the right platform:

      Do you know creating a website is simple because you don’t require any coding knowledge because HTML is easy to learn? Also, you can make changes in HTML without any issues. But WordPress – the famous platform for creating websites and blogs doesn’t mean that it’s easy to use as well. It can also be difficult for you to use it properly so, keep reading to find out complete details regarding “WordPress” and its benefits. You just have to select the platform and create your site by providing detail about your site, content, and images and then publishing it online. If you spend just a few hours on any one of the hundreds of platforms to design websites, it would take you no longer than an hour to create a web page for yourself because the process is so quick and simple. 

2.2 Choosing a domain name:

      What is a domain name?

        A domain name is the name of the your website

  •  Choose a domain name carefully
  • If possible for your domain name
  • Keep it as two words as possible
  • Built that that is connected to your personal brand name
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2.3 Choosing a hosting plan :

     What is hosting?

      Any computer connected to the internet is a website host

After purchasing your domain name the next step is to buy a hosting to store your content on the internet. After purchasing your hosting plan you should connect with your nameservers where you have bought your domain name

  1. ARecords are the one that points to the IP address of the server where the website is hosted

I would recommend that if you are a beginner you should always start with a basic plan of  hosting companies

best hosting platforms 2
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2.4 choosing your niche:

       What is a niche?

       A niche is nothing but choosing an interesting topic to write content on your website is known as a niche in digital marketing

Choosing a niche is an important step because without having a topic how can you write content on your websites 

Choosing a niche is a very important step in building your own website. You will have to invest a lot of time and effort in order to achieve successful rankings. That is why you should select a relevant topic on which you should write an article The word “niche” is French for “small space”. I can’t tell you how often this word has appeared in conversation with me. The problem is not everyone knows the value of having a niche. Don’t stop reading yet, it’s pretty important information you need to know. It will help drive tons of traffic to your website, which would otherwise be very difficult to do.

2.5 How to start with your content:

Before writing your content you should do some keyword research 

   What is keyword research?

    Researching about keywords that you want to write on your blog/website .so the most important step is keyword research 

The best keyword research tool is ANSWER THE PUBLIC

     Have you ever imagined how to move ahead with your digital marketing tasks without content? You cannot. Content is a key element in every industry.  Content plays a vital role in digital marketing. It attracts people to your brand and takes you ahead in the race. Content is the king. Content is the answer to all problems in digital marketing. You cannot skip content strategy and optimization because it plays a significant role in your success. Content is king. Everyone knows this phrase, and everyone believes that it’s true. Content, it’s everywhere on the internet, and there is simply no way to avoid it. But some people have a problem with content, they are not always able to produce enough of it or they always look outdated and out of the loop. What should you do in this case? The answer is simple – create a content strategy!

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3. Best Domain name platforms:

 Some of the best sites you can buy your domain name

best domain name platforms 2
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4. Best hosting platforms

   Some of the best hosting companies:

best hosting platform 2
How to make a website and the best 4 platforms for creating your website 11
  •  Hostinger
  • HostGator
  • A2 hosting
  • .Bluehost
5. Best WordPress themes for your website
  • Akismet- prevents spam comments on your blog
  • All in SEO pack- configure SEO options in your blogs/website. create XML, sitemaps, and also add analytics code in one click
  • CSS and Java Script- Add javascript codes in the header/ footer
  • Mashshare-creates images, for social media sharing
  • Easy affiliate links-creates redirect links
  • W3 total cache-Speed up your WordPress blog with static HTML pages

6. Conclusion:

   The purpose of a website is to provide people with a valuable service, guide them to take action, or, at the very least, entertain them. You are sharing your information with the world and, in return, you will receive feedback.  To create a website, you need to think about three main things: what it is that your website will be about, who you want to visit the website, and how they will find the website. If you have an idea of what topics are going to be on your web pages, who should visit them, and how are they going to find your website then it is time to get started. It’s time to create your website. Go ahead, do it. This post is a helpful guide to help you with the process and that’s why we are publishing it. If you follow the step-by-step guide you will have created your website, congratulations! You did it!

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